“I had never been to counselling before, I was not optimistic with what a counsellor could do for me.  However I was amazed after just one session with Julie, I felt Julie developed a very good understanding of ‘me’ and the issues I visited her to help me resolve. I feel Julie has provided me useful tools to deal with the issues and assist in self-development and improvement.  I look forward to continue this journey with Julie to improve all aspects of my life, importantly to improve my relationships with other people by building self- confidence and improved emotional strength.” R.T.*

“Breakthrough counselling has really helped me to gain an understanding of myself and make proactive positive changes in my life. I have found the sessions empowering which has helped me to achieve greater strength and confidence in myself.” Sarah*

“Like most people who see a counselor, I started seeing Julie at a bad time in my life.  I had some issues that I found difficult to get past and a friend suggested I see Julie just to talk my concerns through before I made any major decisions, although I thought I knew the right outcome of what I needed to do.  After my first session with Julie,  I was given a completely different perspective on my problem, something no family or friends had even suggested. She gave me the complete opposite advice on my problem, which looking back I am very grateful for.  As a result from seeing Julie and following her advice, I achieved the very outcome that I thought was the most impossible.

Julie’s unique style of counseling is something that almost everyone can benefit from.  It’s a mixture of psychology, life coaching, and it’s spiritually awakening all at the same time. Julie’s approach is direct and firm, loving and gentle, an approach I respond well to.  The sessions are extremely helpful and make you self-aware in order to improve your life. I really enjoy my sessions with Julie, I love seeing how far I have come from where I started.  I now go to her on an ongoing basis because I love the journey of self-improvement and trying to live my life to my full potential and being the best person I can be, even when the circumstances are not perfect.  Julie shows me how to ‘dance in the rain’, even in the wettest conditions. Thankyou Julie.” D.S.*

*Clients names have been changed to respect privacy


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