Discover What Is Affecting Your Well-Being

Happiness is something we all strive for but for many, it is a goal that appears unobtainable. Thinking correctly is imperative for a healthy attitude towards yourself and life.

Low self esteem is one of the most common causes of unhappiness. Unpleasant experiences throughout life may leave emotional scars that make us feel inadequate, socially and intellectually.

Many people use food, alcohol or cigarettes to mask their emotions whilst others may sabotage relationships or lack direction in life.

Happiness can be improved by understanding life experiences that have affected your well-being. These experiences may cause you to doubt the way people perceive you, impacting negatively on your self expression. This often results in loss of confidence, leading to unhappy feelings and thoughts.


What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is learning how to react appropriately. It could be considered more important than having a high IQ. If you lack the skills involved in emotional intelligence, you will often create negative outcomes in your life.

Life can be challenging, how we deal with challenges affects our overall sense of well-being. When your reactions do not create a desired response because of your inability to handle a situation, it can seriously affect your relationships, potential to reach goals, lead to bad eating or drinking habits, causing flatness, insecurity and lack of confidence.

Breakthrough Counselling helps people dismantle these barriers that are preventing them from creating healthy relationships and sabotaging their ability to find contentment and happiness.

Change your life by learning how to handle situations  and others in a more effective way.

Learn How To Take Control Of Your Life

Sometimes we may experience an overwhelming struggle to hold our head high and maintain a positive outlook.

The objective of Breakthrough Counselling is to identify negative belief patterns that are affecting an individual’s well-being, confidence and self- esteem.

Using specific techniques we identify the original experiences that have caused a person to develop negative beliefs. These thought patterns often stem from childhood and influence one’s ability to see clearly. Connecting allows the individual to see ‘the bigger picture’ from an adult perspective. This is a breakthrough that greatly assists in diffusing beliefs that have sabotaged their potential growth.

It is about changing destructive belief systems that have been present and developed a power of their own. When this happens, the belief can become so powerful that a person feels incapable of changing.

Life is about change, anything can change, even those stubborn personal demons.