About Me

I started my own journey of self-development 27 years ago in Sydney. On my quest for happiness and contentment I discovered insecurities I had developed that I was not consciously aware of. These insecurities were affecting my self-esteem and ability to express my feelings honestly. It was difficult for me to say ‘no’ which put me in many situations that my heart was not really into.

My quest to rid myself of these demons took me on a variety of interesting but simple ways of dealing with life’s challenges. I learned many self-development strategies and techniques that worked brilliantly. Several years later I decided to do a diploma in counselling with The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors which added to my repertoire of approaches in assisting others to overcome their challenges.

Insecurities are not something you inherited but rather something you have developed through your experiences. With the techniques I use I will identify where your insecurities began, how they are affecting your behavior and confidence and how to rid yourself of those awkward situations and feelings.

I am now living in Perth after running my Melbourne practice for 15 years. I have assisted hundreds of people with their problems and dilemmas and look forward to helping you turn your life around. Don’t allow life’s challenges to hold you back any longer, learn how to improve your well-being and confidence levels now!

I look forward to working with you in achieving your goals of a happy, successful and well balanced life.


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