Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression

How we believe people perceive and accept us is vital to a healthy mental state. A lack of confidence, low self-esteem or a pessimistic attitude toward life will generally lead to a feeling of being out of control, a feeling that can affect your ability to cope with daily activities and life. In many cases the assistance of medication is prescribed when one feels they are spiraling out of control.

Our mind is a powerful tool that has the ability to either make us feel good or make us feel as though we are losing our grip on reality. This all depends on the way it has been trained to think. When the mind is in a negative frame of thought it will talk back to you, telling you how stupid you are, inadequate, and many more statements that will create stress and insecurity affecting your health and well-being.

In life if you learn how to live day by day and handle situations as they happen there is no focus for fear to exist. Most of the time fear is generated by worrying about the past or the future, the past we have no control over and the future does not exist. A lot of energy is spent on worrying about things that cannot be changed or things that have not happened yet and probably never will! By learning to live more in the present and focusing on what is happening now will alleviate 90% of your worries and stress.

People who suffer from anxiety, stress or depression usually have very busy minds and have a tendency to over analyze which is a large portion of the problem.The pattern of negative thinking or a busy mind usually stems from someone close, it could be a sibling, parent, teachers or guardian to name a few. Often the pressures of high expectation we put on ourselves can lead to unwarranted  feelings of personal failure
and disappointment.

Constant insecurity and fear are like dark clouds waiting to rain on any good day you might have. These traits do not trust that you have ability and competence and constantly sabotage your enthusiasm. For this reason your periods of high spirits are often short lived.

At Breakthrough Counselling, Julie assists people in training the mind to be more peaceful, teaching strategies and techniques to overcome its habitual toxic way of thinking. Stress will never be totally eradicated from your life, however, most potential stressful situations can be avoided with the right attitude.


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